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digital recording facility

some features:

Located in the heart of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Simon Sings Studio is a fully digital facility situated in a quiet, relaxing environment conducive to the recording process. Although we use the latest technology, our philosophy is to provide the right level of 'technological masking' for our clients to be productive without feeling intimidated by the equipment used to capture the performance. Preferring not to 'fix it in the mix', we use professional preamps and microphones to ensure good tracking; then the power of our automated mixdowns becomes available. (Processing also w/ automation features) From there, we can master your mixes, do short-run duplication, or burn you a Redbook-standard CD, the format used to make glass masters for large-scale duplication at pressing plants.

  • Unlimited tracks & mixdown capability
  • Full automation
  • Mackie HR824 studio monitors
  • 24-bit/96k input/output path
  • Surgical editing/splicing, etc.
  • MIDI , MMC, MTC, ADAT slave/master capability
  • AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Audio-Technica mics
  • Output to CD, DAT, MP3, DVD also cross-platform
    w/Macs (AIFF)
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