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Serious Stuff
Real tracks produced in-house
Fortress of The Prince This cut is taken from the White Mountains Regional High School Pops 2002 spring concert. It features the WMRHS percussion section, conducted by Dennis Coté.
Lil' Danny's solo This excerpt from a live Mudfoot gig showcases some mean chops from lead guitarist Dan Peraino.

Funny Stuff
Not for delicate ears, the faint of heart, or those easily offended.
Peep Delta! This spoof of a Delta Airlines commercial sounds suspiciously close to the real thing! (Listen to the background & voiceover).
I Needs A Bambulance This recording of a (supposedly) real 911 call demonstrates what a bad day is really all about.
Joey Billerica This radio spot features Joey from Billerica and some Wintersteiger ski tuning machinery.

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